Shui Jiao/ Potsticker Dumplings / Jiao Zi

IMG_0417I’ve always love to eat dumplings. I called it “shui jiao” in chinese or dumplings never knew it was called potstickers for my 20 years of existence on Earth. Those golden fried nuggets with stuffing while its steaming hot is just HEAVEN. My father would usually buy those frozen homemade kinds from hawker centres. I think it was a few months back during the Chinese New Year in January, watched my lovely Ah Ma go to her freezer and take out bags of shui jiao (chinese dumplings) for my family to take home and eat. After watching this video by the Dumpling Sisters making it, it relieved those moments. Hence, I decided to make these on Monday for my family dinner.

The idea of making it from scratch really appeals to me just like bread does. Using my bare hands to create something edible, freshly cooked and prepared. The delicious smell from the kitchen fills the whole house.  Moreover it’s homemade – made with love. There is something so warm about it, that is just hard to describe.

The recipe can be found on their website over here. I’ve slightly tweaked the recipe, using minced pork, replaced bak choy for chinese cabbage. And did not include ginger because I’ll be using lots of ginger and black vinegar to make the dipping sauce. Just the way my family eats it. Also, decrease the amount of boiling water from 220ml to 200ml or I’ll just pour it in, bit by bit till it comes together into a nice dough. Shoutout to the dumpling sisters for replying me! I’ll for sure try that next time to make prettier pleats. 🙂

It was a lot of work, no kidding. Took around 2 hours-ish? Kind of lost count but hey, I made dumplings! Yay! Combining the dry and wet ingredients, kneading the dough and flouring every once in a while to prevent the dough from sticking. It was such a cathartic process! I’m pretty proud of myself for the first try! Not bad!! When I tried the first piece, it reminded me straight back to eating gyozas at a Japanese place in Thailand. Like WOAH, that flashback was quite mind-blowing, mind you that was quite a number of years ago!!! So stoked! It’s so incredible, this reminds me of the food critic in Ratatouille the movie. Just WOW!

P.S. Papa doesn’t have to buy frozen dumplings anymore, haha!


A neat little trick I’ve learnt – make it into a bagel shape to form uniform pieces. Oh and I have never tried a bagel before, yup in that goes to a list of food to try bucket list. 
So cute, they look like mini pillows! Already they look so fluffy! 
I adore those pleats, making it look so fancy haha!
And now it’s done!
One word: YUM!
The ginger, black vinegar sauce to go with. 
A close-up! 

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