Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake Again!

img_8128Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake with a layer of Chocolate Ganache without using heavy cream, say what?!?

img_8131Made this Chocolate and Vanilla literally few hours ago and it’s currently chilling overnight so that I can share this with my family and eat cake for my breakfast tomorrow! 🙂 You can find this recipe here which I made it last year. I am excited to try it and will keep you posted on how it taste ! Have a good night if you’re reading this at 11:07pm!

  •  Adding the white sugar to the cream cheese reminds me of frosty snow!
  • Melting the chocolate pieces
  • Cream cheese mixture resembles like actual frosting, yummy!
  • Knobs of butter floating in the milk mixture
  • Egg and vanilla extract in the batter
  • Adding egg one at a time
  • The vanilla mixture (About 10 heap tbsps of cake batter)
  • The chocolate mixture, added the melted chocolate to it
  • Added the homemade sour cream to both flavours
  • Pour in the chocolate mixture followed by adding dollops of vanilla and then chocolate after that
  • Reminds me of Jackson Pollack’s art anyone? 🙂
  • Bake it at 180 degrees celcius for 1hr 30mins
  • Chocolate ganache: 5 tbsps of butter + 1/3 cup of milk + 1/4 bar chocolate pieces. Heat it up in a pot on medium heat till it thickens. Pour over the cooled cake.

img_8044Let the cake chill overnight because it tastes seriously amazing when it is best eaten cold!

Only the first morning and look how much is left!

img_8137After the cake has been cooled overnight! Dense, creamy chocolatey goodness!

I am quite a perfectionist and I’ll admit that the cake tasted a bit grainy as I must have cooked it a bit longer. Next time, bake it less than 1hr 45mins and instead to 1hr 30mins at 170 degrees celcius instead of 180 degrees? I guess the homemade sour cream was not so successful. Will buy a cup of sour cream next time!



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