BIRDY Live Concert 2016

I had the most absolute luck to have attended my first ever concert. It was the Birdy concert on the 2nd of August, 8pm and watched her perform live infront of me! I have waited for 5 years and was just amazed that she came to Asia for her tour ‘Beautiful Lies” to perform! I was like all the way at the front just two people away. I was literally awe struck and blown away by her vocals and by her band! Just unbelievable, one of the best highlights of 2016! These were some of the photos that I took!


A few of my favourite songs has to be Growing Pains, Give Up On Me, Wings, Wild Horses and Keeping Your Head Up! Still remember vividly when Wings was sung, everyone was raising their hands and clapping to the beat! She also sang Young Blood and Words As A Weapon from her first and second album. Going to a concert is so much fun and I had an amazing time and experience.

The first time I came to know her was when I was scrolling through channels on the television, and I accidentally pressed the MTV channel. And there was the screen playing Birdy’s music video ‘People Help The People’. Back then, I was around 16 years old. From there I went on YouTube to discover all of her other songs. I was really impressed by her vocals when I listened to her one take cover on’ Skinny Love’. She even commented a drawing I did of her on Facebook! She commented, “Did you draw that? It is so wonderful! I replied, “Glad you like it! 🙂 on the 22 of June 2013.

Outfit details: Dress from Zara, bracelets – Aldo, rings – H&M, necklace – Sister, shoes –  Converse

I have found 3 new songs that has been my recent favourites. I have been listening for quite a while and kept on replaying those songs. So without further due, these songs are

  1. Bridget Mendler – Atlantis
  2. Sigma – Find Me featuring Birdy
  3. Leighton Meester – Heartstrings



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