My Trusty Cheesecake With Ganache Topping

My go to recipe for a classic cheesecake with a digestive biscuit base! Adapted from this particular Martha Stewart’s Classic Cheesecake. My slight tweak was to omit the lemon juice and zest, replacing it with a teaspoon or two of vanilla essence instead.

Not a single crack! Indeed, it is a foolproof recipe! But fear not, if a crack appears you could always cover it with a layer of chocolate ganache – 2 ingredients, fuss free and extremely easy.

img_2230 img_2232img_2237

This is seriously my ideal kind of cheesecake! Homemade, cake, dense and ridiculously smooth! Imagine eating this the next day after it has been chilled in the fridge overnight! Oh boy!

Tips: – Baking this in a water bath is essential however you could also do it without (especially during those lazy days but mind you there may be cracks)

– The addition of sour cream really gives the rich, velvet texture of the cheesecake. Consider it as one of the supporting roles for taste. Which I may have accidentally left the cup of sour cream in the fridge before. Way back during my teen years. Woah, I sound so old now. Giggles.

– Really whisk the softened cream cheese with sugar as much as possible. Knew this from a Youtube video I watched on Gordan Ramsey’s Baked Raspberry and Lemon Cheesecake. Don’t you just want to try that out? I mean it is kind of cool, an advice for making a cheesecake from such a respected figure!

Do let me know how you’re cheesecake turns out!

Happy baking!!