How I Spend My Pastime – Baking

Baking to me is a favourite pastime of mine. I had a mini “gap year” when I was sixteen plus years old before I attended college. So during those times I would bake but that was not when I started baking. I started probably during my mid teenager years. Call me a young granny at heart! I visioned myself one day in the future where I get to  bake for my grandchildren and how you can pass down the recipes you’ve discovered and tested to the following generations. How so very exciting it is!

My earliest and fondest memory was when I came across a recipe from The Straits Times Newspaper. It featured a Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding recipe. It looked divine and so I  cut it out. Also, I remembered the recipe needed the ingredient of a baking chocolate. I was a bit puzzled… Was there really such a chocolate? Nonetheless, my mother bought a baking chocolate bar from the market to test out the recipe. Thanks Mummy!

Tried the recipe and it worked! Very well I must say! I think from there on it sparked this little obsession for me to bake. I had this small part of freedom inside of me where I had the luxury of baking whatever I wanted to do and when I felt like it! So from there onwards I progressed to bake my younger sister’s New York Style Cheesecake that she baked. I was like “woah, she actually baked a proper cheesecake!” From there on, I went to bake countless of brownies, making my own pie crust to apple pies, blueberry and lemon cheesecake. Coffee cakes and etc… That was how my baking adventure began!

Note to self: I do not use a weighing scale to weigh my ingredients. I guess I am one of those who is more intuitive when it comes to baking. With the word “approximately” in my vocabulary when it comes to baking.  Moreover, googling measurements to convert grams to a number of cups and spoonfuls. I can say its made with a home-made quality to it. Very raw and rustic that is the way I roll.

Fast forwarding to 2016, the past week I have finally found what I can say is the absolute perfect cakes that tastes and looks so good! Hooray!I’m so happy! It was one of those once in a blue moon recipes that works or maybe there was just a whole load more of sugar added? Anyways a pat on my back!

I would be featuring those recipes in my following post! Please do check it out. Feel free to leave a comment down below. 🙂




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