Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake

The finished baked cheesecake! Look at those gorgeous layers of swirl!
Soft, creamy cheesecake texture. So good!
Chocolate ganache smeared on the plate!
Top view of the cheesecake with bits of crushed walnuts on the rich dark chocolate ganache!

Recipe for Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake 

I wanted to create a cheesecake that wasn’t the classic baked cheesecake nor did I want to bake it in a water bath. Haha lazy me… I was craving for something rich and decadent hence this layer of both flavours, chocolate and vanilla came about!  I decided to create a much more rustic cheesecake without a biscuit base as I may not have any biscuits lying around in my pantry during that time… Moreover, swirling both the chocolate and vanilla layers flavours added much more of an exciting twist to bake it! As well as pouring a layer of luscious chocolate ganache over it. Like oh my goodness, how sinful it must be! Top it off with bits of crushed walnuts to give a little crunch factor, all the better. The addition of homemade sour cream was a bonus for this recipe. It meant that I did not need to spend money to buy it and it still tasted divine!

It was simply a crowd pleaser I must say! My whole family enjoyed it very much! Everyone had it for breakfast the following day. I recommend you to have the patience and wait for the day after it has been chilled in the fridge. It tastes SO MUCH better when you eat it COLD, think of it as a fluffy, cakey chocolate vanilla frosting with chocolate sauce. Who wouldn’t want a slice of a that chocolate vanilla layered cheesecake? Definitely me!

(Bakes in a 9-inch spring foam round baking pan)


  • 3 bars of cream cheese softened at room temperature (250g each)
  • 1 1/4 cups of white sugar
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1 cup of homemade sour cream ( 1 cup of buttermilk = 3/4 cup of milk + 1 tbsp of lemon juice ) + 3 tbsps of softened butter, whisk it together)
  • 2 bars of good quality chocolate ( I used a 70% dark chocolate)
  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • A handful of walnuts



1. Preheat your oven to 180 celsius and prepare your 9-inch cake pan by buttering the sides with a knob of softened butter.

2.  Place the softened cream cheese bars in a bowl and whisk it using an electric mixer or by hand until smooth and creamy. To speed up the process, simply place a smaller metal bowl with a bit of boiling water underneath the bowl filled with cream cheese. Whisk it continuously till softened.

3. Break a bar of chocolate into small pieces and melt it under a bowl of simmering boiling water. Leave that aside to cool once it has all melted.

4. Add in your white sugar into the cream cheese mixture and whisk it till combined. It should form a nice, pale mixture that looks a bit like frosting.

5. Crack an egg and add in the vanilla extract and whisk it slightly. Pour this to your cream cheese mixture. Beat in the rest of the eggs one by one.

6. Divide your cheesecake mixture into two separate bowls.

7. Pour the melted chocolate into one of the batter and mix it till combined.

8. To make your homemade sour cream. Combine 3/4 cup of regular milk with 1 tbsp of lemon juice and let it stand for 15mins. After that add in 3 tbsps of butter and whisk it. Pour that slowly into the chocolate mixture.

9. Pour the chocolate batter first into prepared baking pan. Followed by the vanilla batter in the middle of the pan.Use a toothpick/satay stick or even a chopstick and make the swirls into the batter. Rotating it in an clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. Ta da!. Bake it for 1 hr and 45 mins at 180 celsius until just set in the centre that slightly wobbles.

10. Halfway through the baking process, place an aluminium sheet over the cake so that the top wouldn’t brown too much. Once its done, let it cool in the oven for about 15mins.

10. To make the chocolate ganache: simply break the other bar of chocolate into small pieces in a bowl. Heat up the heavy cream in a sauce pan on a low heat till it slightly bubbles at the edges. Turn off the heat and pour it slowly over the chocolate pieces. Leave it aside to cool.

11. Drizzle the ganache over the cooled baked cheesecake, sprinkle it with crushed walnuts and voila! You have now created this masterpiece to share. Enjoy!







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